All City Youth Programs Policy For All Events

All spectators and players at All City Youth Programs events must adhere to the following policy:

Good Sportsmanship: All team members, parents, siblings, extended family, friends & spectators must display good sportsmanship at all practice, games, meets fundraisers and all club functions. We expect everyone at All City Youth Programs events to behave in such a manner that reflects a positive attitude toward the club and others.  Do not yell derogatory remarks, use offensive language or gestures toward club officials (referees or umpires), toward coaches or toward anyone else present.

Support the program: Everyone should support the program by respecting the coaches and commissioners. Try to keep in mind that these are Volunteers. They have stepped up, donating their time so your child/relative/friend may have fun.

ACYP is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, dedicated to helping “at risk”youth.  We depend on community service, fundraisers, and donations to make this program work.  Without the help of our community we would not be able to offer these programs.

Follow The Rules

At our events you may NOT:

  • Smoke or chew tobacco
  • Consume alcohol
  • Attend while intoxicated
  • Use Profane or inappropriate gestures
  • Make Derogatory remarks (especially directed toward Referees, Umpires, Coaches, & Players on the field)
  • Use offensive language or gestures (especially directed toward Referees, Umpires, Coaches, & Players on the field)